Panorama Crisis

Horizontal Vertical Polar I learn how to use the warp tool and to make panoramas. I like the polar panorama because it looks like a tiny planet. I think the horizontal came out best. I would make a panorama at a desert, then it would look like a desert planet.

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Portals Here and There

I like the portals because, it looks way cooler. You first have to align the layers together, then you select the frame and everything in it, not whats outside of the frame, and then you invert what you selected, then you use the brush tool to remove the things that are outside of the frame. […]

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Gallery Visit

Azea Oliva’s photograph was the one I like the most. This photo stand out to me, because it has great quality of light and the perfect example of light writing. I only recognize the light writing, everything else is new. It’s important because you get to show people how hard you worked to make those […]

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