Treasure Hunt Arizona

1)Arizona become a state on February 14, 1912 it could help me with color.

12,2)The etymology appears from an earlier Spanish name Arizonac meaning small spring applied to area near the sliver mining camp.It derived from a native place, James H. McClintock noted.

10,6)Arizona natural resources is mineral like copper, coal, sliver, and uranium. The Arizona color are Federal Blue and old gold.

4,8,14,15)The state of Arizona  bird, tree, fish, and flower is Cactus wren, Blue palo verde, Apache trout, and Saguaro.

5,7,3)The population in Arizona is 7.016 million people.The capital city in Arizona is Phoenix. The bordered is by New Mexico to east, the north Utah and then west California and Nevada.

9,13)The river the bordered Arizona, California is Colorado. Grand Canyon  a gorge of Colorado river often considered one of the Wonder of the world. The Grand Canyon carved by copper-colored the colorful rock record billion years of history and many hind thing and unique rock matter  found to be two billion years, 300 miles of land.

11)State motto of Arizona Ditat Deus in Latin God enriches it mean Arizona state seal because in the probability derived for genesis.

5)What is the Grand Canyon calling the Grand Canyon?
The little Colorado river id Good at entrance of Nonnow Valley Powell was responsible for most of name in Canyon.

Is the Grand Canyon lowest place on earth?
No, Dead sea shoreline is the lowest but Grand Canyon is 10 place on the lowest.

Is there any river in the Grand Canyon?
Yes, their 8 different kind of river.

which explorer discover the Grand Canyon?
It was discovered the Grand Canyon September 1540 by Francisco Vazquez de Coronado.

Why is Arizona color Federal blue and old gold?
The 13 rays red and gold on the top half of the flag represent both the 13 original colonies of the Union.