Q3 Portfolio

This is in my portfolio because I like how my image is very symmetrical.

I learned how to set my camera to make it a worm eye point of view.

It can be improve by adding more exposure to it.


This is in my portfolio because I think the flower looks really pretty.

I learned how to edit the person to make it microscopic.

It can be improve by telling the person to do a more creative pose.

This is in my portfolio because I like how detailed the plant is.

I learned how to zoom in and take detailed pictures.

It can be improve by adding more texture to it.


Sub Activity: 3/2/20

When in the studio your iso should be 100 and shutter speed 1/100.


This image is rembrandt because the background is dark and it’s taken from a higher angle.


This image is split because half of his face is light and half is dark.


This image is butterfly/paramount because it is direct light and it creates a shadow under her chin.



D.O.F Portraits




  1. The hardest part of the assignment was trying to take shallow DOF images.
  2. You control DOF by using the right shutter speed and iso.
  3. The photograph I like the most is my the third image of shallow DOF because I think the exposure and the color is perfect.
  4. I feel that taking people portraits is very creative and fun.


Bird’s eye / Worm’s eye

Worm’s eye:


Bird’s eye:


I think I deserved a 16/20 because most of my photograph are really well edited except for only some.


  1. I feel unique angles and perspectives can improve my photography by being more creative and unique with my photographs.
  2. My most successful photograph is the third image of worms eye because I feel like the picture is well edited.
  3. If I could change one element of this project I would try to be more creative with some of my pictures.

Activity 11:

Bird eye:

  1. Its strength is that you can see the whole house and it makes you want to look at it longer.

Worm eye:

2. Its strength is that you can see more details of the flower closely and what it looks like.

3. eye level is least engaging because we use it everyday and we are use to it.

4. When we are outside we should not be disruptive to other classrooms.

Line & Framing




I think I got a 12/20 because I’m missing one image for each framing and line.

  1. Over the last 3 assignment I feel like photography has help me learn to pay attention to more things around me.
  2. my best framing photograph is the 1st one because I think its very creative how I took it to make it look like a painting.
  3. my best photograph for line is the 2nd one because I think my lighting, color, and exposure is perfect.