Pets Rock

I chose to use Miley Cyrus and a random dog as my two starters. Then I took her hair and put in on the dog. I also wanted to add glasses so I found some cool ones I guess and put those on the dogs face. This assignment was fun.

sport merch

I chose to do a swim team. The name is the Miami Backstrokes and I know it sounds weird. I customized some swimming trunks and swimsuits and added the logo. This wasn’t that hard the hard part was choosing a sport and a name thats catchy. It doesn’t really look like a website but A for effort right?

Honeybee Bike Shop

This is my website. Its not that good but i worked with what I got. For my home page I made a honeycomb type selection then filled it with pictures. On the shop page I posted some of the things for sale. I almost posted the tools on there too but I decided not to because it wasn’t a good photo for the type of page I made. Overall I liked doing this assignment.


Doodle 4 Google

I made this rainbow themed google sign obviously. I typed google in different colors and different positions. Then I chose a rainbow background for it. This was my “doodle”. This assignment was hard cause I’m still not used to Ai yet but I’m getting there.

Tour de Tucson

For this assignment I tried to make a bike myself but then I gave up. I found a picture of a bike online and entered it behind the text. Then I just wrote the info for the event. This was hard to do because bikes aren’t easy to make in Ai.


This is my postcard front and back. For the front I download the shapes for yearbook ave. and used the thunderstorm font. For the back I copied what was on the pdf. This assignment was fun and interesting I definitely liked doing this.


I chose the tutorial that showed you how to bring color back into a black and white photo. It was fairly easy all I did was add gradients to the petals. I chose to do rainbow petals and leave the background black as a contrast. I liked this assignment it was pretty easy. Thats the link.

Fantasy Island

This is a very bad t-shirt and i had no clue how to do the grayscale. I made lines as mountains and they look okay. I downloaded a new font and it doesn’t match the idea but it’s okay. Overall this is good but not great at all. I am learning though.


Honey Bee Trail

I sucked at this assignment I wasn’t sure if I had to do it but I did anyways. I know I did it wrong because its not a logo its a picture or something. I have no idea how to use the app we had to use but whatever. This is what I made its very bad hope you like.