Self Portrait 📸

Colton Harris-Moore has an incredible back story, his story is crazy and the fact that he’s so calm is what makes this self portrait amazing.this kid has gone through so much at the age of 12-19. what makes it amazing is that he’s y himself with no one in sight. he’s independent and he’s okay with that. he was doing him and him only.
my portraits are going to be around nature, I’m going take pictures of my sister pretending she’s out in the dessert by herself with no one to depend on besides her self.


In this post I am I dupelicating the cover album Starboy by The Weeknd. furthermore the things I did great in this photos was setting the background and getting a portrait of my sister. for my final saying the things I could work on is knowing more about photoshop and stop asking Mr for so much help. I love this project because its something new and I could have a copy and take this home.


In this Assignment ill give myself a 20/20 because I’m really proud of myself taking these photos. the only bad thing about my pictures are the lack of creativity, but overall i really really ha fun doing this assignment.

Double Exposure!



the things I could have worked on was getting one more photo of pixel to change the pictures because I’m using the same photo in two edits. by me changing and getting one more photo could’ve changed my score abundantly. the things I liked about my photos new the pictures of the sky and the way they look. honestly I would give myself a 16/20. I would’ve gotten a 20/20 if I would’ve had one more photo of pixel.




Time ⏱


this project called “Time” I decided that, in four of my photos I would capture them in freeze action. by these photos being in freeze action I had to have my aperture at the highest as I can go and that’ll be at 1/4000. the timing in these photos were a little hard but it wasn’t very difficult. In one of the photos, Curtis the male in the picture, I was trying to get a time traveling idea and how much he changed through time from 1969-2019.The way I executed my idea on this project was to get simple photos, but the way I executed the project was kind of poor because I could’ve got way better quality photos than what they are now. My strengths on this project was my timing and they way I captured the photos. Things I could’ve improved on was better lighting and better photos, Tucson High is a boring place to capture photos, but grateful to take photos. to grade myself I wold give myself a 16/20 because my quality was okay.

Time Assignment ⚡️

For my timing assessment I’m going to bring a baseball to throw in the air to capture in freeze time. Another picture I’m going to take is a picture of a car driving and capture that in slow shutter speed including fast shutter speed. the second to last picture I’m going to take is catching water falling from a bottle to capture in freeze time motion. last but not least my picture is going to be people running on the track in slow shutter speed to capture a blur an stop freeze action to capture a perfect timing photo.