January 7

Perspective Activity

Birds Eyes: this is birds eye because it is above the subject (towering down look)

Worms Eye: this is worms eye because the camera is looking up on the subject making it appear bigger

The reason why eyes view is not always the best view is because it doesn’t always give thst illusion of the tall tower or the non-connection to the ground, or it just makes it look smaller then the actual image.




December 10

Merge and simpicity Activity

  this one is merge the quality of light would be diffused and the photo is successful because of the illusion.

 this is merge the quality of light is soft or diffused and the photo is successful because it has illusion and follows the rules

this one is merge and simplicity it is soft lighting and the photo is successful because it follows the rule of a simple background

 this is simplicity the quality of light is soft and it is simplicity because it has a simple background

December 3

Assignment 9

  these 2 are framing and they are both diffused light it. they are successful photos because they both capture something that drowse the viewer in.

 these to are line because they both have lines leading to a point. they are both diffused light because there are no shadows casting down. they are successful because they both make the viewer want to know where the line is supposed to be leading too.

November 25

Shutter speed


reflection questions

  1. on a scale from 1 to 10 I am at least a 7, when it comes to my comfortability with TV mode.
  2. shutter speed affects the motion in our pictures by if the shutter speed is fast enough then it will freeze the action but if the shutter speed is slow enough then it will be blurred.
  3. I think I am happy with the first photo of freezing action which is the orange dropping into a glass of water
  4. I think my blurred motion images could me better because they weren’t the great but the were better than I expected.



October 3


These ones are silhouette because the have lighting in the back that makes the object in the front that look black.


Theses ones are difussed lighting because they don’t have any shadows and they don’t have any hard lines on their face.

These ones are direct lighting because they have shadows and first picture the girl looks really shiny, and in the second one the woman has a hard shadow of the leaves on her neck.

October 3


  1. This assignment helps us learn to look by opening our minds and making us see things we have never seen before. I wasn’t aware of how many things were that could make a good picture and not notice until now
  2. The photos I am most happy with are A, J, R,  and B. I like them the most because they were the ones that were harder to find and where we found them was very random, and so i think of them as random pictures.
  3. The hardest were W and K because we were looking high and low and they just didn’t show, but finally we were able to find them.