Commercial photography

This photo was taken by yvonne Jeak. This picture looks like a sandwich but a very fancy and unusual one. I think this photo would be used to try to sell this sandwich. This sandwich looks like it has steak fries in it. It also looks like it has a yellow sauce of some sort. This sandwich looks like a normal sized sandwich on a white plate.

surreal photography

This surreal photo was taken by Gábor Timár. It is called night of crawlers. The picture is of the sky. The picture looks like it is taken on top of a building. I think it looks like lighting that struck a bunch of different buildings. I think this surreal because i don’t think lightning works that way. I also think this  picture is surreal because the sky is really vibrant purple. 


This photo was taken by Edward Garden. This reminds me of street photography because you could easily see a stream not the exact same but very similar in a forest. This person was probably hiking in the woods. There is a lot of trees where ever this picture is taken. There is also stepping stones along the stream so you could walk across it to the other side.


This picture reminds me of a landscape because there is a squirrel in the photo. Also there is greenery in the background. This picture was taken by Ian locock. In this photo this the squirrels hair looks very grown out the squirrel is also standing on a stump of a tree.


Documentary                                                 In this photo which is taken by                                                                                Daniela , there is a couple                                                                                         buildings in the background.                                                                                  The sky is light and dark. The                                                                                  building looks abandoned. The                                                                                buildings paint also needs to be                                                                               repainted.



This is a photograph of mash. She is laying on a beat up couch that has a sheet draped over it. she looks comfortable she has cool tones all around her. she looks like she is looking out a window because there is light on her face. She seems like she is flexable based on the way she is laying. she seems very serious considering there is no smile on her face.




my name is jazlyn

I don’t have much photography experience I have taken photos but not of anything serious

i don’t have any experience at all in photoshop

I have inspiration of photography at home because my nana scrapbooks

1 fun fact about me is I have a big family.