This photo is of a girl that has orange hair and blue eyes and she has a blue butterfly on her hand .

This falls under a portrait because its mainly this girl with the orange hair.

I thought this was a good picture because the blue butterfly and her eyes really pop out with this photograph.

Marie... by MarketaNovak


This is a picture of a mother of two , she has a little girl who’s she’s feeding and she has a young boy who looks a little bit older than the girl. They’re in a train and it looks like they have a few of their belongings.

It falls under documentary because it has a story behind it and its more of a photograph to show us what people go through during certain situations.

I picked this photo because it was a good example of the genre .


This is a photograph of a of what looks like a canyon.  The picture is mostly of the mountains and the sunset and in the center there is a water fall going into a river.
It falls under Landscape because its a photograph of the outdoors and thats what landscape consists of .
This picture stood out to me mainly because of the waterfall and how much little details you can see .


This is a photograph of a man walking in front of an orange wall .

It falls under street because more real and not staged .

The orange wall caught my eye and with what looks like has shadowing over it.


This is a photograph of a little boy looking inside of his backpack and around him all of his stuff that was in his bag is floating .

This falls under surreal because its literally surreal. Its not something you would actually see.

This picture is appealing because its something you would not see a picture of and its creative.


This photograph is a girl that is wearing all yellow but different tones of yellow. and she was headphones on and the phone is over her face.

It falls under fashion because the main focus is the clothes.

This picture just looked interesting and I like how they just had the color yellow.


Hi , My name is Jade Flores. I don’t have much experience with photography or photoshop. Inspirational photographs could be found anywhere but where I see the most is on social media. An interesting fact about me is that I am a cheerleader here at Tucson high .