My idea was to make a dyptch of a happy and sad clown, for positive and negative. For the sad side I wanted the makeup to be running as if she was crying for awhile. I executed the idea by asking my friend to paint her face and when the time came we smudged her makeup to look like tears. My strengths would be the time and focus I spent on my picture and how I edited them. I didn’t feel like I had any weaknesses with this assignment.

Positive/Negative Ideas

One of my ideas for this assignment is black and white. Not just the picture but my models clothes too. I could show the contrast, make a side by side. I could have my model in white clothes in one picture and black clothes in the next. Evil and Good. One picture where the model is good in a positive mood, and the next picture theyre in a negative mood angry.

Then and Now


My idea was to capture the change of the seasons and then and now pictures of buildings. I executed the idea by taking photos on campus and using the link Mr.G gave us for old photos. I like that I did side by side to show comparison and edited them nicely. My only problem is that I didn’t really get interesting pictures and didn’t submit the required amount.