calidad de luz

composition-(in my terms) how something is set up/made up of

Rule of thirds

  • This is an example of *ahem* rule of thirds because the subject isn’t directly in the middle. This photo also has diffused light because there are no harsh shadows.
  • The bubbles aren’t in the middle however they do crossover to the middle but isn’t completely in the middle. This also uses,,,diffused light???, because,,,there aren’t any harsh shadows on the bubble though it’s hard to tell because it’s a bubble.

Symmetrical Balance

  • This dragonfly represents symmetrical balance because everything is even on both sides of the picture. This also uses diffused light.
  • This landscape also shows symmetrical balance because the water reflects the landscape making it exactly the same. This also uses diffused light, there are no hard shadows.

Asymmetrical Balance

  • The cone pines (: show asymmetrical balance because even though the pine cones on the right have more in quantity they appear smaller therefore making it seem equal in “weight”. This also shows diffused light.
  • In this picture the girl is being compared to a bush so they have equal “weight” on either side of the tree. Also shows diffused light.

lights, luz, licht

  • this is an example of soft/diffused light because the light that is on the good boy isn’t harsh and doesn’t take away half of the dogs face
  • this is an example of hard/direct light because the sun is directly on top of the trees and grass and you can’t see many dark shadows
  • this is an example of a silhouette because the light hitting the surface of the water makes the ray look dark which creates a dark silhouette
  • voila~
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