Rule of Thirds Reflection Questions


A: 18. I had taken extra photos but most of them had not been exactly what symmetrical was.

Q: 16. I did not edit a lot of my photos.

CD: 19. I had written a description for all photos but one or two were not clear.

CC: 18. My photos are starting to get better each time and I know how to work and fix a camera.


  1. I chose The X for symmetrical and Abby for assymetrical and Northway eating because they all equally show what was needed to describe the project.
  2. Two editing tools were cropping and the tool used to hide or cut something out.
  3. Yes  I felt the same way since I finished my project now I’m bored and just wanna eat 🙂


Quality of light/ Composition 1 research

Composition~ What we use to make a photo more pleasing to look at.

Rule of Thirds~ This is rule of thirds because the apple is the Ain part of this photo and is at the point. Direct Light

 The bubbles is at the main point of the grid which shows it to be the main object. Diffused light.

Assymetrical~ It shows the average same weight of the girls on each side of the picture. Sithouette

 The wings are almost the same but one of them is different. direct.

Symmetrical~ It shows how they are even horizontally. Defused

 It shows the same trees everywhere across. Defused.