DOF portraits reflection questions

  1. The hardest thing on this assignment was made matching the blurred background with the good light exposure.
  2. You can control; depth of field by changing the aperture and the shutter speed to a certain point in witch they are the same and the picture looks good.
  3. My favorite picture is the one where Heavenly is sitting on a bench and you can see her pretty blue eyes because she’s in focus.
  4. I think taking peoples portraits is very fun and interesting idk I felt like a professional magazine photographer. :)!!!

Reflection:quality light

  1. I prefer silhouettes because that quality of light is much more prettier and a lot more interesting.
  2. I didn’t post the pictures
  3. I did take pictures but I didn’t edit them so they looked I didn’t edit them fully.

In conclusion I guess I get a 12 because I didn’t really edit the like yeah.

Quality light

Harsh/direct light

This photograph is direct light because the shadows are sharp.

This photo is direct because the shadows are direct and sharp.

Soft/defused light

This picture is soft because there aren’t any shadows.








This picture is soft because the lions face looks very fabulous with no sharp lines or shadows.








This is a silhouette of a person because they look pitch black and the light source is behind them.

This is  a silhouette of a person at the beach because the light source is behind the person causing the person to look pitch black.