Genre Assignment


  • This is a photo of a snowy mountain reflecting off a lake and there is a man standing by the lake.
  • It is a landscape because it is a picture of a mountain and a lake.
  • The reflection and sky is appealing to me.


  • This is a photo of a girl and she is posing in front of some greenery wearing nice clothes
  • This is a portrait because she is the main and only point of interest in this picture
  • The way the background makes her pop out looks really good


  • This photo is of 2 elephants and 2 water buffalos drinking water with a beautiful sky line in the back
  • This is a documentary because it is in the wild and focused on these animals
  • I like that the sky in the back makes this picture so much better


  • This is a photo of a girl and she is wearing nice clothes and she is laying in a field of flowers
  • This is a fashion photo because the main focus is on the clothes and not the girl
  • The flowers behind her really pop out


  • This is a photo of a man walking passed a building with some amazing art on it
  • This is street art because it is a picture a building with art on it
  • The 6 blue eyes kinda pop out to me in the art behind the man


  • This is a photo of 2 floating musicians with no legs or head???
  • This is surreal because this would never be possible
  • The fact that they have no legs or heads is appealing in a weird way


Hello my name Jon but most people call me Jonny.

I use to use my moms camera to take pictures of basically anything i thought was cool at the time.

I have no photoshop experience.

I find inspirational photos in instagram.

1 interesting thing about myself is i’m 6 foot and do not play basketball.