Monday, January 14, 2019

Good morning. Please  do your attendance. 

Today, you’ll finish your work in the google classroom. On Friday we watched a few “how to” videos. How to tie a tie and how to tie a tie. How to change a tire. How to chop onions. How to dunk a basketball. How to make ramen. 

You then did your OWN search on Youtube. You found one “how to” video you liked, and one that you didn’t like. You posted the URL for each video into our Google classroom. You explained what you liked or didn’t like about them. (IF YOU HAVEN’T POSTED YOUR TWO LINKS WITH EXPLANATION IN OUR GOOGLE CLASSROOM, please do so today.)

Over the weekend, you were supposed to decide what you want YOUR “how to” video to be about.

Create a new Word document. In it, type one sentence explaining what your video will be about. A few lines lower, you need to include THREE links to THREE pieces of music you will use in your video. Remember, you must find something that is royalty free/has no copyright issues.

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