Workflow is a way to keep your work clean or organiz so you don’t get them lost.When using file to keep it organization is important is because that when you have any work you can keep them in file.Or picture that you want to use later on you can just go the files you look for rather then try to look for it every folders.

Genres assignment

it could be a landscape there a house on a doke on a water with gray sky so it could be raining.

They show a the whole area so it could be a landscape.

It appealing to me because the could are beutaful  with the blue with a little bit of gray.

This one could be sutreal. There are bodies with no heads and no legs there holding or playing insterment the background is a wight wall and the ground is gray.

It fall under this genre because there no way that two bodies could folt like that.

I like this picture because it give me this scary vibe like a gosht way.

This is portraut. There a lady laying on some kind of door like or a window and she holding something.

I think it fall in this genre because she could be that she could be sitting out.

I like this picture it remind me of some kind of muisc video.


There is lady she is wearing some kind outfit the jacket has one green sleva on the left as well the right leg the rest of the outfit is just red. The background is red the lady is holding some kind of blue paper behind her back.

It look like it can be a fashion thing she moding for the picture.

It appeal to me because it how the color go well with the background.