2 New Photos 12/3/18

Artist Statement : Went out to cherry fields and ended up taking pictures and this is what I go so next time I know I want to come maybe like 15 to 20 minutes earlier and I think that will make a better image for next week photos.

Time Photos

Artist Statement: Really only happy with these 4 my others one just didn’t come out how I had planned it in my head but what can I do. so I manage to turn in these 4 with some help with my friends.

Time Ideas

Statement: These are the photos that I a thinking about using for this assignment from light writing and going outside and using a slow shutter speed but these are 5 ideas I have for this assignment.

2 New Photos 11/5

Statement: This weekend I went to Pine Top with my cousin and his wife it was a lot of fun sadly I only had my phone so these were the two I best had. Now I see the lake one its a little blurry but next time I go up there I will bring a camera for sure.