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Portal Assignment

  1. I enjoyed Portal more because I have not attempted Levitation.
  2. The technique needed to create these illusions is to take a picture with the frame and then after take one of the background and combine them.
  3. The photograph I am happiest with is the second one because I find it the best edited and with the best composition.
  4. In photoshop I would rate myself like a five so i’m basically a dum wizard.

Giant vs Micro

  1. Personally I prefer my second picture because it doesn’t look as boring and it took me a while to get the selection correct.
  2. The greatest challenge for this assignment was most likely just making sure I had a good enough selection which even then I don’t think I did it correctly.
  3. I learned how to use the Select and Mask better and I also learned how to use the Gradient Map.

Assignment 6

  1. Of the compositional guidelines we have learned, I understand simplicity the best, mostly because it’s self explanatory.
  2. The compositional guideline that is the most difficult for me its probably framing because I never really learned it completely.
  3. Something I hope to learn next semester is how to use camera’s with bigger lens and how to be more creative.