Spring Portfolio

1. Panorama
2. This picture has good contrast and it fits the definition of a panorama.
3. I learned that you have to know how to create a good picture with multiple pictures.

1. Studio Lighting
2. The lighting looks like how it is supposed to look like if it were a split lighting.
3. I learned that getting the correct lighting is sometimes difficult.

1. Microscopic/ Gigantic
2. It’s kind of amusing and it looks pretty realistic.
3. Editing the picture is hard to do if the picture is kind of out of focus.

1. Studio Lighting
2. I looks like a Butterfly so the picture is successful.
3. Lighting is difficult to get 100% correct.

1. Bird’s Eye/ Worm’s Eye
2. It looks good and the contrast of colors goes well.
3. I have to crouch down a lot to take these types of pictures.

1. Portals
2.The photograph is well exposed and the edit is one of my best.

1. Repetition
2. The pillars repeat and they all look that same which made the photograph complete.
3. Sometimes a good photograph is very easy to find.

1. Rule of Thirds
2. The colors are complementing each other and the tree is in a good position.
3. Rule of thirds is everywhere.

1. Panning
2. The subject is in focus while the background is blurry so it is successful.
3. Trying to follow the subject is kind of difficult.

1. Which project was this photograph created for?
2. Why did you choose this photograph and what about it makes it successful?
3. What did you learn while creating this image?

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