Aki Hoshide photo in space

Aki Hoshide is a Japanese astronaut who took a self portrait while doing a space walk that shows more than just a guy in a space suit. The image shows the space station and how the Earth looks reflected in a visor from space. The narrative in this picture could be, “we out here” or it could be, ” dang i’m tiny out here in this very big universe” This image makes me feel like humans might have some potential of saving themselves. The image also makes my brain do a double take because of the warping caused by the visor and the picture is of things that are rarely seen in general.


PLAN self portrait

My plan is to do a multiple exposure with me and some nature or me and my bike or a combination of the stuffs.


When I started this project my idea was to take a diverse array of night pictures because my theme was supposed to be night. I ended up taking a bunch of street pictures at night. The strength of this project is the long exposure with the cars and the Chicago skyline. I need to improve on the quality and focus.

AI: 16/20 I did the bare minimum.

QT: 16/20 Again I did the bare minimum.

CD: 16/20 Some photos area cool and others are meh.

CC: 18/20 Just because this project was mostly out of school.

Movie Poster


My plan for this assignment was to make a parody of an already existing movie poster. I made this plan happen by using the jaws poster and turning it into DAWGS. I have to admit I did see posters vary similar to this while surfing the googles. I would say one of the strengths of this poster is the accuracy to the original. The weakness is that it is not too original and I did not make it look old like most JAWS posters do.


AI: 16/20 I did the bare minimum.

QT: 20/20 because this project was mostly editing based.

CD: 20/20 This category doesn’t really relate to this project because I stayed true to the original poster so I did not decide on composition.

CC: 20/20 I took the picture of my dog outside of school.

Multiplicity & Combined Sequence


My idea for this Project was to take pictures of someone throwing something and get their arm swinging but I ended up not using my time very wisely and had to sort of rush, so it did not happen. I did spend a long time trying to get clean masks and brush work. I still want to improve the actual quality of photo.


A) 17/20 slightly above average maybe

QT) 20/20 This project was mostly editing

CD) 16/20 Yeah they are ok photos

CC) 18/20 the photos turned out well but I did not use time outside of class