Bird Worm



  • I try to use different perspectives regularly but, having to only use unique perspectives made me think a lot more about what I could photograph and I think made me do some more creative things both with my composition and editing.
  • I have three favorites: Worm 1, Worm 10, and Bird 5. I like them all for different reasons. I really like the light refracting off of the steam in Worm 1 and how it creates this rainbow cloud. I like Worm 10 because I put so much effort into getting that to turn out okay with the exposure and focus and I like how your eye is led through the cave like foreground to the eye. I like how crisp the reflection is in Bird 5 and that is really due to the lighting.
  • I wish I had gotten a smaller lens the first shooting day because I had a really big lens and that really limited what I could do. I also wish I had used time outside of class to photograph so that I could have take more interesting bird’s eye photos.

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