1. This is a photo of a man, at night, in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The man is holding a stick that is on fire and he has fire in his mouth and the photo makes him look like he’s breathing the fire. He may be some sort of entertainer because of it looks like he is in a uniform.
  2. A portrait is a photograph that tells a story about a person. This photo is telling this mans story.
  3. This image is appealing to me because it is in a gorgeous location and it shows a person who is living adventurously.


  1. The photograph shows a group of young adults protesting the American president. In the photo they are holding signs, and the lady in the middle looks visibly upset while the man behind her is shouting. The photo is also in black and white which adds a mood to the photograph which is very serious.
  2. This photo was taken to record this specific event, they are at some sort of political march or rally.
  3. I like how passionate they look and that they are out in the cold(they are wearing jackets and hats) fighting for something they believe in.


  1. It is a photo taken at golden hour overlooking a church and canal in Venice.  It is from a very famous location but the lighting adds something new.
  2. It is a picture of a cityscape and is representative of the landscape of Venice, old buildings, canals, and churches.
  3. My favorite photos are travel photos that show the landscape of nature and cities so this photo is really appealing to me. I also love the way the golden sun is peaking through on the corner and how peaceful the canal looks.


  1. This is a photo of two nuns walking down a street in what looks like a city in Europe. They are arm in arm and look happy and relaxed. The buildings around them are white with brown doors and there are other people walking towards them on the street but they are out of focus.
  2. It is spontaneous and shows two people candidly embracing while walking down a regular street.
  3. Nuns are always portrayed so uptight in our society so it is nice to see them happily walking down a normal street with other everyday citizens.


  1. It is a photograph of a hand holding an ice cream cone and the background is a sandy beach with shells and then the ocean. Instead of ice cream in the cone there is a large water droplet and inside that is the background image upside down.
  2. This photo is surreal because it could never occur in real life. It is dreamlike and combines multiple images to form something gorgeous but unrealistic
  3. I love how they incorporate the ocean scenery into the photo in multiple places and how they have added colors in the sand.


  1. This photo is of a well dressed lady posing in front of a white background. The lady is wearing a full black pantsuit and the jacket is a little oversized and has two faces on the bottom right corner overlapping each other, one face is black and the other gold. The lady is also wearing a wide brimmed black hat and has her head tilted so you can only see her nose and chin.
  2. It is a fashion photo because it is trying to sell something she is wearing or a product she is selling.
  3. I think this photo is really elegant and I really like what she is wearing.

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