Matika Wilbur


Matika Wilbur, grew up in La Conner, Washington, from the tribes Swnomish and Tulalip. She is one of the nation’s leading photographer, in the Pacific Northwest. Earned her BFA at Brooks Institute of Photography, and majored in Advertising and Digital imaging. Project 562 brought her to over 300 tribal nations, throughout 40 U.S. states, where she has taken thousands of portraits, to make her goal: To Change the Way We See Native America. Using her way of photography to create portraits that deeply communicate with people’s lives and experiences. Matika’s focus was on Indigenous communities, “who typically in massive media and the popular consciousness have been grossly neglected or stereotyped.”

Sinéad Talley (Karuk and Yurok)

Bahazhoni Tso, Navajo Nation, New Mexico

Talon and Sky Duncan  


Starflower Montoya, Digueno (Barona) and Taos Pueblo, California

Rosebud Quintana, Northern Ute and Dine

Darkfeather Ancheta, Eckos Chartraw-Ancheta, and Bibiana Ancheta, Tulalip, Washington




-Myra Masiel Zamora, Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, California

Assignment 5 DOF

1. The hardest part of this assignment was trying not to shake when taking the photo. And getting good lighting to make the portrait pop out more.

2. You can control DOF by adjusting my aperture, and the f-stop. Also changing the distance.

3. The portraits I taken of Melina, they  focused more on the assignment.. trying to get the DOF.

4. It felt awkward but the people I took portraits of were okay with it. But when I had asked a student that was outside that I didn’t know, it was weird because they were shy of the others around them.


Bell work

1. It’s a picture of a sunset from the beach. It has like a pink, red , purplish  sunset…

2. I chose this photo because it has good lighting .. it caught my attention when I first walked into the room.

3. I see silhouette