worms/bird eye


  • how this project can improve my photo skills is it can improve my photography by discovering different angles
  • the photo i feel most proud of is of Rubens shoe its very focused and clear
  • the camera can improve one element of my photography because i had one camera Tuesday that took very good pictures and it was focus, and on Thursday the camera i had took very blurry photos & when i took the picture i had to look on the screen not through the view finder,

birds eye/worms eye assignment 11

birds eye:

the strength of this picture is how nice the city looks( the over veiw)

worms eye:

the strength of the image is the angle they took the picture

the eye level is the least engaging photo because theres not much going on its not creative its focused on one thing

when you go outside you should be taking pictures of what you got assigned to do. you shouldnt be disturbing other classes

lines and framing

The edited photos wont come out.

1.my photography has improved cause now i take my time on my pictures. i focus on what i have to photograph.

2. my best framing photo is the one that has the two sign because its a glass frame and then there is a picture inside, so i thought that would be cool

3. the best line photograph would have to be the one of the field because it was well edited in focus

assignment 10

  1. the compositianl guide line is framing
  2. diffused light for both of them
  3. its succssful because its well edited and in focus
  4. the guideline is rule of thirds for both of them
  5. for the flower it would be silhouette and the vases would be diffused
  6. they were sucsessful because they are well edited nice background and overall they are neat & orginized

composition part 2


  1. the guideline is line for both photographs
  2. the QOL is diffused for both of them
  3. what makes the photographs successful is that they are good quality and they look like they took time on them .


  1. the guideline refers to the way elements inĀ  scene are framed
  2. the QOL fr the first picture is diffused and the last one is silhouette
  3. what makes the pictures successful is that they have frames around them