I liked the flower portrait by Angel Jackson because I love the contrast between the pick and the black and white. I also like the silverado portrait by Declan McCormick because I love the mystery of it all.


I mostly do photos on nature and animals but lately I have gotten into street photography and I want to branch more into that area. My photos are usually not photoshopped, there are some edits here and there but most of my photos are just the raw image. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and I hope to take more great photos in the future. 🙂


I chose Daido Moriyama because I have recently been interested in street photography and want to do more of that. I also love her representation of Japan because I am gonna go there for spring break and it is nice to view Japan from a different perspective. I also love somewhat the simplicity of the photos, of one singular idem then multiple things.


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