Shallow (DOF) Portraits


Deep (DOF) Portraits

Reflection Questions

  1. I think the hardest part of this assignment was getting the camera to focus on the person then focusing on the background or a different object.
  2.  You can control DOF by making the background bury, put the person/model away from the background. To focus on the background and person/model, put the person/model close to the background.
  3.  mY favorite photo was the shallow DOF on the steps because the photo looks like you will see it on the window for a shoe place.
  4.  I think it’s fun because you can get to know the person and make things that are in magazines.


Worms Eye View

Birds Eye View


  1. I think the the different angles we did are more unique than our eye level photos because people never see the world the way we take the pictures.We are to used to seeing the world regular eye level so if we make it that the grass or tree are big from worm view.
  2. Im most proud of the worm view photos because when i was younger I would lay down in the grass and see that a bugs world is bigger than ours in their view. So the assignment reminded me of my past, it was nice. I don’t really have a favorite one i like all of my worm views.
  3. I would change the location but I understand that we can’t do that,but it is challenging but I think we can do better if we are a different environment.


I think i should get a 80/80 because i felt like this subject would be one of my favorite photo. I tried to get the best pictures i can but if as also fun and i would want to do this again if i get the chance to.

Activity :11

Worms Eye View

This photos strengths are that it has symmetry because the tree is in the middle and of course worms eye view because the angle of this photo is going up and the lighting of this photo is diffused lighting.

Birds Eye View

This photographs strengths are balanced because the two lands on each side, line because the ocean has a stream going through the city, the lighting would be diffused and Birds eye view because the angle the photo looks like its looking down.

Eye level in photography is the least engaging perspective because we are to used to seeing the word in eye level, so if you do a different angle it would interest people because it’s different.

When you photograph outside you shouldn’t be talking to your friends or hanging out. We also should not disrupt the P.E class if the in the football field.

Forced Perspective



I tried very hard hard for these ones so i think i would give myself 20/20 and i think i can at least have done a bit more pictures and work on forced perspective more.