quarter 3 portfolio

1.i like this image because of the repeated color of orange. It makes it stand out.

2.i learned how to create a deep depth of field

3. this probably could have been better in more light(idk).

  1. i like this image because i like how in focus the flower is.
  2. i learned how to get something more in focus
  3. i could have improved this by probably shooting at a different angle.

  1. i like this image simply because it gives me a feeling of one of my aesthetics i like. I also like the popping colors like the yellow book and red bleachers.
  2. i learned how to shoot at different angles.
  3. i could have probably gotten way more of a lower angle.

other images i liked:



(it was hard to remove the man without ruining the background.)

sub questions :3/2/20

in the studio the iso should be at 100 and the shutter speed should be at 1/160


This is an example of rembrandt light and i can tell because there is a light triangle on her left cheek. The light should be at a 45 degree angle facing the subject.

This is an example of split lighting and i know because only one side is lit up while the other half is completely black. The light will go to whatever side you’re lighting up, next to your subject.

This is an example of butterfly lighting and i can tell by the shadow under her nose the ‘butterfly” shape and also cause the lighting is even in the photo. The light will be infront of the subject behind the camera or above the subjects head or eye level.








reflection questions:

1.All in all i didn’t like either photo cause each does contain an error but if i had to choose it would probably be the first one.

2.The greatest challenge is coming up with ideas and trying to make the images look more realistic rather than looking like just a cut out and background.Also masking was somewhat hard so some errors are noticeable like the can in the first photo for instance.

3. Two new things i learned is select and masking and how to insert other images to another.

assignment 13: shallow and deep D.O.F.






rubric grade: 16/20

1.The hardest part of this assignment was probably coming up with photo ideas because i’m in the same environment.

2. You can control depth of field by zooming in and out/ distance ,  aperture and focal length

3. The photograph i like most is probably my subject holding the flower out or my subject sitting down and reading i think the colors in those images is what catches my eye.

4. I enjoy taking peoples portraits, i’m pretty sure i do portrait photography in almost all of my assignments.

assignment 11


rubric grade: 12/20

1.Shooting from different angles improves your images by giving more of an interesting perspective to a viewer.

2. My most successful is probably the flowers because i feel it was a good example of worms eye and it was clear and clean or when my subject was near the building looking down.

3.if i could change anything about this assignment probably just timing i always feel rushed so i always end up treating photographing more as a assignment then fun.

Assignment 10



Forced perspective:


simplicity and i think maybe asymmetrical balance or rule of thirds

symmetrical and simplicity (my image for this assignment got deleted from my camera so i got to use this)

rubric grade : between 6-12 failing yet approaching somewhat.