7:rule of 3rds & balance


reflection: QOL is diffused and i used the crop and highlight tool.


Reflection: QOL appears to be direct and two tools  used was temp. and exposure.


reflection: I think the QOL was also direct in this photo and two tools i used were exposure and contrast.


rubric grade: 12 because i didn’t have all pictures





rules of thirds and balance examples


QOL: The quality of light in this photo is diffused/soft light.

QOL:The quality of light in this photography is diffused/soft light.


QOL:The quality of light is direct in this photo.

QOL: The quality of light is diffused in this photo.


QOL: the quality of light for this image is silhouette.

This is an example of asymmetrical balance because even though the photo is not the same on both sides it fills full and balanced.The tree and the house seem to balance each other out.

QOL:The quality of light for this photo is direct light.

This is an asymmetrical balance example because even though the animals don’t make the photo symmetrical they balance the picture out.



quality of light

direct light

reflection questions:

1.The quality of light i personally prefer i guess is direct light cause as you can see thats the only photos i took.

2.The picture i’m most happiest with is probably the picture of the building because i think its a nice clear shot.

3.The picture i’m least happiest with is probably the flowers cause i feel as if those flowers are always photographed so its nothing new .same for all of my pictures but i feel like the flowers are more common.

rubric grade:6/20


Workflow is being organized and responsible. It’s important because it will help you succeed in photography by letting you do more work with less effort.It makes your workflow smoother and more efficient. File organization¬† is important also because you want to be able to successfully access exactly what you need without having to search for it through a jumble of mess; its important because it keeps your workspace up to date.


This photo is an example of silhouette photography because there is no detail to the two trees or grass and they appear to be black.

This is another photo of Silhouette photography because theres no detail or color to the woman; she appears black.

This is an example of diffused lighting because theres light hitting the woman but its not direct light. Her shadows are soft and the intensity of the photo is decreased because the light is reflecting off something.

This is diffused photography because theres no direct light hitting the ocean and the clouds are covering the sun so the light is reflecting off of them.

This is direct photography because the light is hitting directly on the subject which in this case is the egg and there’s hard shadows around where the light isn’t particularly hitting.

This is direct photography because theres nothing blocking the light from hitting the little girl and she appears to be squinting slightly.


5: A-Z


1.This assignment taught me to learn to look by making me look at things that i probably would not give a second glance at and seeing them in a whole new perspective (specifically letters).

2. The image i’m most happy with is probably the “E”simply because i think it came out decently or the “J”¬† because i edited it and remove all the gum on the floor.

3.The hardest part of the assignment was probably not being able to find many letters and probably doing some editing because some things just weren’t working or was coming out bad.