Activity 11

1.Birds eye

This is an example of birds eye perspective and the strength or what stood out to me in this image is the vibrance of the hot air balloon and some of the colorful grass in contrast with the mostly bland looking green landscape. Another thing was how small the car, house and people are.

2. Worms eye

This is an example of worms eye perspective and what stood out to me is of course the different colors of the building that make the image more lively and of course just the perspective in general; the buildings look very stretched/long.

3.Eye level is the least engaging because eye level is how everyone already views life so its nothing very different or special and when you take a photograph you want the person viewing it to see something in a different perspective that will captivate them.

4. When you’re outside you should always be respectful and responsible. The main goal when photographing outside is to be on task and take good photos. You should not be wandering around, be out of your boundary points, and last but not least be disruptive.

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