Genre assignment


This photo is a picture of nature.The sky is cloudy and somewhat orange.Theres a really pretty waterfall flowing down rocks with trees next to it and in the distance.

This is an example of nature because it’s a really beautiful photo of the environment.The main focus of the entire capture is just the landscape.

I like this photo because it feels complete.It doesn’t feel like something is missing.When you look at it i believe its eye catching and mesmerizing to look at; it looks like a smooth and sharp capture; photographed at the perfect time of day.


This photo is a closeup of an eye that has a clock in it ;which appears to belong to a woman but i may be wrong.The person has long eyelashes and there is  little to no color in the photo.

This is an example of surrealism because as soon as you get a glimpse of the picture you can already tell it has been photoshopped and no such thing exists and that’s exactly what surrealism is; unreal.

This captured my attention because anything unusual seems to catch my interest.Humans don’t just walk around with clocks in their eye so to see a picture of it is decent.Also i just like to look at closeups of eyes so it’s a two-in-one.


This picture is a woman with her back towards the camera and her face turned to the left with her eyes pinned to the floor all while facing the camera.She appears to be wearing a tank top/spaghetti strap and is wearing two space buns in her hair. She’s wearing eye makeup and she wears many expressions on her face depending on who is looking at it. She may appear to be thinking to some people ,or she may appear sad, or even maybe too some she seems to not have an expression at all.

This is portrait photography because the  whole focus is on the woman and nothing else.

i liked this photo simply because i think she’s pretty and the capture of her in the moment was nice.


The picture is taken in the street. On the right side of the road theres cars parked in a straight line outside of buildings.On the left side of the road theres motorcycles lined up also outside of buildings.Some buildings have their sign lit up and some street lights are also on which adds a really nice touch to the photo.

this is street photography because its literally in the street and also because it shows life outside of everyday life just in the moment it’s stilled with no commotion going on.

i like this photo because the lights really make the capture more interesting to look at.


This is a photo of a young couple who either just got married or is gonna get married.The man is wearing a tuxedo, and the woman is in a white wedding dress.The man is kissing the woman’s knuckles and she’s looking at him with a soft smile.

this is Documentary photography because the picture is recording a life event which in this case is marriage for the people in the picture.

i like this picture because it’s cute to see people being in love especially when it can be captured at the exact moment.


This is a really focused picture of a Coca Cola can.Its red with Santa Claus in front of it drinking some of the product (coca cola).the background is blurred cause the whole focus is on the can.

this is an example of commercial photography simply because the photo is trying to sell a product which in this case is soda.

i like this because who doesn’t like soda and i like how focused the camera is; it’s very clear.




Hi my name is Emily Bradford

I’ve never had any photography or photoshop experience in the past. That’s exactly why i joined the class so that i can gain experience and find (hopefully) a hobby that can stick me with me throughout high school; and  maybe even out of high school.I do own a polaroid but i only use it to take pictures of my friends and to keep memories with me for the future.Although i don’t take professional or inspirational photos i do like to look at them. I like to go to Pinterest or Instagram to find eye catching photo.

i don’t really have an interesting fact about me but a fact about me is i was named after a baby doll my dad saw in a catalogue.