Street Photography

This photo depicts two ladies window shopping. The lady facing the camera has a surprised but joyful face. The image is black and white.

This photo falls under street photography because it shows two ladies doing an everyday thing and it captures a candid moment

I like this image because it tells a story about the woman and how she might enjoy shopping. I like the black and white about it and the raw emotion in the lady’s face.


This photo depicts a lake with stars in the sky above. The stars are in a swirling motion because the camera caught the spinning motion of them. Behind the lake are mountains and trees which reflect in the lake. It seems like the photo was taken during the sunset.

This photo falls under landscape because it depicts a beautiful and natural background.

I like this image because it captures the stars motion and the sunset behind the mountains is appealing to the eye.


This photo depicts a women with blue eyes, pale skin, and pink lips outside wrapped in a blue blanket.  The blue stands out in the bland background.

This photo falls under portrait because it is a picture of a person. This photo can tell you that the woman is a fan of the color blue because of her blue eyes or it can represent how she feels inside as if she was feeling “blue”.

I like this photo because the blue really stands out in the pics and the woman’s eyes are appealing.


This photo depicts a woman wearing black and white striped socks, sitting in a desert, and hugging a teddy bear very fearfully as if that bear serves some sense of security to her. Surrounding her are childlike toys such as: a light brown teddy bear missing an eye, a Rubik’s cube, a broken jack in the box, and a doll house like they have all come back to haunt her. Behind her is the word “Pesadelo”, behind the word are mountains with dark clouds above them, in those dark clouds are toy hot air balloons and a toy plane. The picture is kind of gray with faded colors on the toys.

This photo falls under surreal photography because of the dreamlike energy it presents.

I like this photo because of the nightmarish feel it has to it. It feels as if the woman’s childhood has came to haunt her.


This photo depicts a woman in a purple wedding dress. The dress has purple to white to purple gradient. The background is white which makes the dress standout.

This photo falls under fashion because it is displaying the dress as a product to sell.

I like this photo because the purple color of the dress stands out from the white background.


This photo depicts a bride and groom that just got married walking towards the exit of the church. The photo is in black and white and the couple is smiling like they are happy to be together. Their family and friends surround them smiling and taking pictures of them.

This photo falls under documentary because it captures the moment in history where two individuals vow to be together forever.

I like this image because of the black and white contrast.

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