Month: October 2018

Assignment 3

This photograph is an example of panning because the camera is following the cyclist while he is biking and is going at the same speed leaving the background blur except for the person and their bike.

This is an example of light writing because the guy is flashing the light around to make an A and the camera is only focusing on the light.

This is an example of slow shutter speed because the camera is showing all of the star trails.

This photograph is an example fast shutter speed because it is catching the girl in the moment.

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Quality of Light

  1. I personally prefer Diffused lighting because the lighting is not too harsh or direct and it doesn’t cause too much attention to a certain object.
  2. I am most happiest with my photograph of the tree because of how different the colors are and how it is angled
  3. I am least happiest with my photograph of people walking in the hallway because i could have angled it better and taken it in a better place.
  4. I give myself a 14/20 on assignment directions because i edited all my photos but i didn’t submit the required amount.
  5. I give myself a 14/20 because some photographs are weirdly angled
  6. i give myself  a 14/20 because there may be some parts of my photographs that don’t follow the guidelines
  7.  i give myself a 15/20 because some of my photographs aren’t edited i my style but i made most use of my time

Assignment #2

This photo shows a rule of thirds because the tree isn’t directly in the middle and the type of lighting is diffused lighting because the sun has no direct lighting on the tree or the building and it really has no shadow of any kind. The two different tool i use to edit this photograph was the tone curve and the cropping tool to have a more focus on the tree. I did feel like the koala bear at times when i was editing my photos and realized i need more of an asymmetrical, rule of thirds, or symmetrical photos but i was mostly on track.

A: 16/20 because i followed all instructions and edited all my photographs

Q: 15/20 because I edited all my photographs but there my have been a bit too much exposure in one photo

C: 16/20 because I did edit all parts that needed to be edited but i may have missed some small spots

C: 16/20 because I always change my photographs that still meet the requirements but still fit my style

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