Themed Photography: Open Theme

My Theme for this assignment is landscaping in Mexico and it will be just a daily life in Mexico when the Fiestas are in town. In this assignment I hope I will be able to photograph the bands and people dancing and also a bit of the history that goes along with it and just daily things that the people who live in Mexico do. The inspiration I got to create these images that I plan to take similar to the following:

Multiplicity Assignment

AI: I’d give myself a 14/20 because I did do wha the assignment asked but I did not send in the required amount and I did not do the other half of the assignment.

QT: I’d give myself a 15/20 because I did edit my photograph but there was only one

CD: I’d give myself a 15/20 because her foot slowly disappears into the stands and i could’ve done her shadows better.

CC: I’d give myself a 15/20 because i was absent for a day and was doing work the next class so I did not go out but I could’ve managed my time better than what I did.

Artist Statement:

  1. My idea for this project was to capture people in their daily activities
  2. I wasn’t able to fully execute my idea but I did catch my subject doing something we all do in our daily lives which is standing and walking.
  3. I feel that the strengths of my work was the way of how I edited my subject inside the photograph.
  4. The areas that I need to improve on is the shadowing and perhaps having a little bit more clones of my subject.

Multiplicity Plan and Practice

My plan for multiplicity was to catch people in their natural forms of what they do daily and them in their daily activities.

Double Exposure Assignment


AI: I’d give myself an 18/20 because i sent in more photos then needed but i feel i could have worked a little bit longer on some photos.

QT: I’d give myself a 16/20 because I did edit all of my photos through lightroom and photoshop but i feel that i could have done more editing

CD: 16/20 I followed all the guidelines in all of my photos

CC: 15/20 I feel that i could have spent my time a little bit more wisely but i did get all the photos i needed

Double Color Exposure

My plan for Double Exposure is to catch people off guard to capture their real personality and to just add a pretty background with the subject being themselves.



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Assignment 2: Plan

My plan for assignment 2 is to look at some old photographs and perhaps recreate them, another idea I had in mind is to do a time lapse image of perhaps cars passing by or of an event going on. Another idea I have is to do light writing and fast shutter speed to catch movements in the moment.


This is Diego, his favorite hobby is to ride his bike. He is in 10th grade and this is his first year in photography. He prefers to sleep in instead of coming to school and he is a pretty shy person at first.

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