Rule of Thirds & Balance

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds photos would be a picture of the subject not being right in the middle of the photo. The subject/s has to be on the side of the grid.

Symmetrical Balance

Symmetrical Photos are photos that have the object in the center and all the spaces are equally occupied by the object.

Asymmetrical Balance

Asymmetrical Balance means that 2 or more objects are balancing each other out to make the “weight” even.


Composition 1

Rule of Thirds:

These photos are Rule of Third photos because the main focus isn’t directly in the middle of a grid if there was one. For the first photo the light quality would be Silhouette. The second one would be  soft lighting.

Symmetric Balance:

Photos like these are Symmetric Balance photos because the photos are even on both sides they have the same “weight.” These two photos are soft light because everything is smooth.

Asymmetric Balance:

These photos are Asymmetric Photos because the two subjects even each other out on both sides. The lighting on the photos is soft lighting.


Quality of Light


1.I prefer Silhouette photos because they look more eye catching.

2.I liked the Diffused photos because in my opinion I like when the light is soft.

3.Even though I like Silhouette photos more mine didn’t really look like Silhouettes.

I would give myself a 12 because I didn’t get a lot of photos I didn’t have a lot of options of the photos.



Quality of Light


These photos are both silhouette photos because the background has light and the other subjects of the photos are dark/black.

-Direct Light


Photos like these are considered Direct Light photos because the shadows are really harsh. The shadows in the photos are really defined.


These photos are diffused photos because the lighting is soft and there is no harsh shadows.

Work-Flow Questions

A Work-Flow is “a specific way of completing a task often the method that results in the best work.” This means that there will be certain ways we do things so we could stay on task. This way everything that needs to get done will get done. The days we come to this class we will be told what is expected for this class period. Then we will get to work and do what we have to do. With the work-flow everything will be much more organized. After a while the class will get use to it and it will be much easier.

File organization is important because it will be much easier to find what you’re looking for. It will save more time knowing what files you need to look in in, instead of going trough each folder looking for a single photograph. Also the computer will start to get slower because a lot of files are scattered all over the place. There will be a file for each category you’re doing in class or whatever the assignment is. File organization is a time saver and also you won’t need to be stressing about where that one photo or assignment went. With messy files you might delete something you needed to turn in. Everything will be where it’s suppose to be. And will get turned in on time.