human with two sparklers in the night time with a dark colored hoodie enjoying the time she has.

this is an example of portrait because the picture is of women holding to sparklers.

I like the fact of how dark it is and there is two bright sparklers lighting up the space.


this photo is a perfect image of when a volcano is about to erupt and all the ash from the smoke is on the ground.

this is an example of documentary because it is documenting the nature.

I like this photo cause when you look at it it trips with your head because the volcano is hot and the ¬†ash looks like snow with is cold so it doesn’t mix.


this photo is a perfect example of. mankind not messing with nature and this land is unbotherd by any kind of mankind tampering.

this is an example of land scape because you can see all of the land and it just breath taking.

I like this photo because of how the grass is a dark green and then there is the river running threw the green the river is highlited in the picture.


this is a point of view from an airplane looking down on the city while everyone goes on with their busy day.

this is an example of street because you are looking down on the street and city and also the very tall buildings.

I like this photo because looking at this photo you can take a lot in cause of the point of view of the camera.


this is a person floating in the middle of what looks to be a red ocean enjoying himself.

this is an example of a surreal picture because the water is a Matt red color and that couldn’t a core in an open body of water.

I like this photo because it look cool the way the sky and the red water mix.


this is a picture of a man woking on some metal flexing his muscles to keep the tool straight.

this is an example of commercial cause it looks like he’s trying to sell the power tool by the angle of the picture.

I like this picture because I like to work with metal especially with tools.









My first post

my name is Daniel

I don’t have any experience with cameras besides my phone.

I also have no photoShop experience.

I find inspiration from instagram and my friends pictures.

an interesting fact about me is that I can make anybody laugh its Kinda a natural born talent.

btw: I like baby kangaroos.