Simplicity & Merger

simplicity and mergers

assignment 9


shutter speed

a: 20 because i have extra photographs

q: 16 i have all pictures edited

c: 16 all photos use the compositional guideline

cc: 20 all photos have my own style and are appropriate

  1. i’m really comfortable with using Tv mode.
  2. the faster the shutter speed is the less motion blur you will get. the slower the shutter speed the more motion blur.
  3. i was happiest with my freeze action pictures.
  4. i think i could work on my light writing.

shutter speeds assign.8



reflection questions:

  1. I prefer silhouette because it only shows an out line of the object
  2. i was happiest with my diffused light pictures because i like the way soft shadows look
  3. i was least happy with my direct light pictures because the hard shadow made the picture not as good


a: 20 because i have 10 photos

b: 16 because i could have spent more time editing.

c: 16 because i could have payed more attention to detail

cc: 16 theres not that much of my own artistic style

a to z

this assignment was about learning to look because you needed to take a close look to find the letters you needed.

i was happiest about the way my X came out because of the way the shadows look and the angle i took the picture at.

the hardest part of this assignment for me was keeping track of what letters i needed and what letters i already had. this was hard because i would take five pictures of an X when there where other letters i should have been looking for