My preferred name is Deanna. I do not own a camera but Ive worked with one in the past. In middle school, my teacher had a camera that he would use to take picture of experiments. I’ve got to use in camera before. I’ve never photo shopped any pictures I’ve taken, so I have zero experience.  I have seen inspirational photographs on instagram or Pinterest. A fact about me is that I am on a dance team named allstars.


This is a portrait of a girl behind a white screen. Her hair and make up can be a description of who she is. The look on her face looks like she is upset or just shy. This girl isn’t smiling, it shows a lot about her personality.

This is a example of portrait photography because the photo the main focus is on her. You can see her personality and her sense of style.

I feel that this photo represents the girls personality. I really like it because you can be inspired to take a photo that tells a bit about you.

This is a photo of mountains and a road. The sunlight is hitting the mountains directly. The mountian to the right is hovering over the street and it makes a shadow. In the back, you can see mountains that are far away.

This is a example of landscape photography because the photo explores our enviornment and has a sharp focus.

I like this photo because its not a boring landscape. The road in the middle makes the photo catch my attention.

This is a photo of a man walking and he looks like he’s going for adventure. He’s wearing a blue hat and a blue shirt. He has a backpack on and looking to the left.

This is a example of street photography because the photo is about what someone is doing in everyday life.

I like this photo because its not about who the person is. its about what he is doing.

This is a photo of someone sitting down and looking straight at the camera. This person has 6 arms and a mask on his/her face. The red over the legs makes the photo stand out.

This is an example of surreal photography because the photo depicts a strange and fantasy story in it.

I liked this photo because its a strange and unreal. I think it makes the viewer think.


This is a photo of car moving in the street. The car is silver and is going really fast. The background is unclear and blurry but you can see there is trees.

This is an example of a commercial photography because the car is being self productive.

I like this photo because the car looks pretty cool and I would want to buy it.


This is a photo of boxes with windows in them. They are stacked on each other until there are 4 levels. Through the window you can see the view in the back.

This is an example of documentary photography because events are being recorded.

I like this photo because the 4 different levels and you can see through them and the beach.