bird & worm eye show can improve on photography because it can give the picture a high quality and give the picture more life to it.

2.he photograph m most prove of is the one of the lock because it was my most successful photo i took.

3.i could improve on finding more interesting things to take photos on instead of them being the same ones.

activity 11

  1. the strengths of this photograph are the lights and how they bring out the road
  2. the strengths in this photograph is the contrast of the lines in the ground
  3. i think its least engaging because its more interesting to look at things that look smaller then bigger
  4. what we should be doing when we are outside is actually going outside to photograph and not just to photograph but doing the task that was given. What we shouldn’t do is be disrupting classes and going in the areas that we cant photograph in.

lines & frames


  1. i have improved on my photography by focusing more on the assignments and what i have to photograph. I always get pictures but what i have to improve on is editing them more. Once i edit my pictures better i will feel more like i have improved in thus class even more.
  2. my best framing photo was the first one because the tree gave it a nice frame around her.
  3. my best line photo that i took was the third was because it had the most lines in it.

assignment 10

  1. the compositional guid line is rule of thirds
  2. the type of light is soft
  3. they are successful because they both have highlighted objects
  4. the compositional guid line is composition and symmetry
  5. the light in these pictures are diffused
  6. these pictures are successful because they each have objects appear close when they are far away

Compositional Part. 2

1.the compositional guid line is lines

2.the quality of light in both are diffused

3.what makes the picture successful is the lines and the colors

  1. A guid line refers to the way elements in a scene are framed
  2. quality of light is the light hard and the other is soft
  3. what makes the picture successful is that it has a frame around the subject