12 Depth of Field


  1. The hardest part of this assignment was finding a interesting background for the Deep Depth of Field

2. You can control the DoF by adjusting the setting on your camera.

3.The Photograph i like the most is the one where i am in front of the bleachers and we used the reflector and the reason why i like that specific one is because the lighting is the best.

4.I feel a lot of pressure because you have to make them look good.

11 Birds Eye vs Worms Eye


  1. It shows people and myself that there is always another perspective.
  2. The picture with the field because it it eye grabbing.
  3. Focused more on birds eye because i feel like my birds eye pictures aren’t that great.

Self Grading:

1.16 because i submitted the required amount of photos.

2.16 because i edited all of my photos.

3.16 because all of my photos follow the guidelines.

4.16 because i am learning my style.

8: Shutter Speed


  1. 12 because i submitted less photos than the required amount.
  2. 16 because all of my photos are edited.
  3. 16 because all of my photographs use a compositional guideline.
  4. 12 because i could’ve tried harder on some of my photographs.


1.I am very comfortable using Tv mode.

2. shutter speed affect our photo by either freezing action or blurring it or a mixture of both which makes panning.

3.The photograph i am the most happiest with is the one where it looks like i am making the tripod float. The reason why is because i think this pictures is unique and not a lot of people had this idea.

4. Try harder when i am taking pictures and use my time a little more efficient.