• this photograph shows white daisies on a blue sky which looks so beautful and it has little white sprakles the picture looks very magical.
  • this is an example of surreal because it shows us that its not real.
  • the whole picture is appealing to me. because daisies are my favorite kind of flowers and I really enjoy watching the sunsets so to  me this whole picture is perfect.



  • this is a photograph of a  manquin head with black circle glasses well wearing a semi fancy hat that you wouldn’t see everyday. I think someone took the picture from the outside of a store.
  • this is an example of commercial photography. you would see this type of picture in a commercial that is trying to promote the glasses.
  • what’s most appealing to me about this picture is it gives you a kind of retro vibe which I really like.also that they used a ball and white fliter I feel like it just completes the picture.



  • this is a photograph of street photography. I find this picture to be very unique.
  • the photograph looks like it has just a bunch go leafs and has 3 little blue things that have eyes but they look sad
  • what’s appealing to me is that this is such beautiful art work and the guy in this picture is not appreciating it instead he’s just on his phone.




  • this is a photograph of a butterfly that is mostly black but has 2 red stripes and little white dots on the wings.
  • this is an example of landscape/nature because it tells us about flowers and butterflies.
  • I like this photograph because the background is kinda blurry but were still able to see the flowers and really get to see what they look like.whats most appealing is that it gives a good look at both landscape and nature all in one picture.


My name is Dominique Hernandez Im a freshman. I have no photography experience what’s so ever but I hope to learn a lot this year. I do not own a camera. I do not have photoshop experience. I find all my inspirational photographs on instagram. An interesting fact about myself is that I do all star cheer and have  been doing it for 8 years now.