Activitty 4


  1. What is the compositional guideline and why?- Framing because they both include a frame around the main object in the photograph.
  2. What is the quality of light? The QOL for the first picture is diffused and hard lighting for the second photo.
  3. What makes this photograph successful?-they accomplish being the topic of framing by simply placing a frame in both photos. The second photo could use a little more contrast.

Leading Line:

  1. What is the compositional guideline and why?-These 2 photos are Leading line because the object in the photo is of a line with paint on the field and the way the wood is carved into a line.
  2. What is the quality of light?-The QOL for the first picture is hard light casting a shadow of the photographers camera and the second photo would be diffused having no shadows within the picture.
  3. What makes this photograph successful?-they have the lines as needed and are taken from nice angles.

activity 3

slow shutter speed- the lights are blurred out due to the slowness of the shutter speed.

light riding- the effect of the sparks flying everywhere with a trail behind it.

fast shutter speed- this is a faster shutter speed cause the liquid i the photo is frozen in place.

panning- the picture s taken of the object moving can be seen because the backround is blurred and the object is in focus due to the photographer moving at the same speed as the the motorcycle.

qol assignment

1. Which quality of light do you personally prefer and why? – I prefer hard light because it shows the most details and brings out lots of colors.
2. Which of your photographs are you happiest with and why? – i am most happiest with my first silhouette because it was my first attempted .
3. Which photograph are you least happy with– what would you do differently?-my second silhouette came out a little too dark i would’ve brightened the picture more 

symmetrical balance

composition-the nature of something’s ingredients or constituents; the way in which a whole or mixture is made up.

Balance in photography is observed when an image has subject areas that look balanced throughout the composition

The rule of thirds is an essential photography technique. It can be applied to any subject to improve the composition and balance of your images.



QOL Assignment

Direct light:

this photo s very hard light costing many shadows.

this photo has hard light also that there is a shadow casted upon the babys  cap showing the sun is shining from above his head.

this photo has very soft lighting due to the heavy clouds in the sky blocking light from shining. Dim lighing comes from between them.

this photo has soft lighting and the shadows are very fuzzy there is light but it seems very dim.

the building is just shown as a shape cause the photo is takin from behind where the shadow makes the picture appear as a solid black color.

everything in the picture as a solid dark color and has the sun shining from in front of them.




Portrait: This is a portrait of a young rap artist named zombie juice from New York City. The photo falls in to portrait because it is and image focused around his face. It has a lot to do with rap culture with his gold grills.

Documentary: The picture shows a radio interview with a legend rapper by the name Jay-Z from Brooklyn Ny. this goes under documentary because they are documenting his by asking question and taking photos during the radio interview. its really awesome to look back i the interview what was going thru his mind i this time era of his fame.

Landscape: This photo revolves around the landscape of a famous playground called Astroworld in the USA. It goes under landscape because the photo is to view the landscape of Astroworld. A famous rapper Travis Scott dropped the album “Astroworld” August 3rd, 2018.

Street:The includes 2 famous celebrities Asap Rocky and Kendal Jenner who have been in a relationship for the past couple months. This is a street photo cause it wasn’t plan it is an off guard photo of them walking the streets in Brooklyn. I chose this photo cause its a historical moment when the two celebrities were in a relationship together.

Commercial:This photo has famous rapper Drake drinking a cold bottle of Sprite. The picture is advertising the spite and their company colaberated with drake and his fan base making thus a commercial photo.I chose this photo because i enjoy sprite and like the music the artist produces.

Nature: This is a picture of a famous forrest by the name Suicide forrest in japan. it is a dark shady forrest and contains lots if nature. The picture is intresting and the back story about this devastating area.

Surreal: this picture seems to be a fictional photo of the road splitting and the landscape of the ground seems to come upward.the picture is clearly surreal because it is made look as the ground split up and started coming up but it wasn’t set up like this in real life. i look the picture cause it cates your eye and its cool to see how they imagined and created this amazing photo.