This photo falls under landscape and shows the natural beauty in nature. What i like about this picture is how the reflection on the water shows the clouds in the sky.

This picture falls under the category of street because its showing a guy riding a bike living the everyday life.

This is an example of a commerical photograph. They could be advertising for a clothes brand  rocking fashion or advertising for an extreme theme park.

This is an example of a surreal photograph you can tell because you can see his face thru his hands. I like this picture because it looks as if it were really real.

This photo shows documentery, its showing an Indian tradition that they go along with in there culture and celebrate.

This photograph shows self portrait. She looks really smiley and calm, gives me 1950s vibes.

My First Post


1)  My name is Dayanitza Franco and i am 14 and my zodiac sign is scorpio. I like taking pictures of art and nature. 


3) I don’t have experience in photography and i don’t own a camera.

4) I find inspiration in photographs talented like photographer 

5) You can find inspirational Eliot Porter photographs online and in books.

6) An interesting fact about me is that i like spending time outside.