First Assignment!! 3/31

Hi everyone! If you haven’t yet, please go read my first post and then come back to this 🙂


Once again I hope you are all making the best out of this long break! I wish we could all be together, but for now we are going to make the best of this!

This is going to be your assignment for the week of 3/30 and I will be expecting it turned in by this Friday 4/3.

I would love for you all to test this out with me and give me any possible feedback with what you liked or didn’t like about this!

With all of this crazy COVID-19 madness going on, I would like you to write me 2 paragraphs about the Dental Offices during this time. Here are some examples of what you can write about:

  • What protocols are dental offices taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • In your opinion what could dental offices be doing better.
  • What are some precautions that offices could take in the future to prepare/prevent this.
  • What PPE and sterilization methods are already in place in offices that would help to prevent the spread of diseases.

And, if you find yourself just super bored during this time, it would be INCREDIBLY beneficial if you would continue to study your radiography! I would hate for you to lose all the memory and hard work that you have already put into learning this! Once you are completely done with all of the modules and the practice test please either email me or send me a message on remind and I will give you all another code for the DANB website to take a different practice test to study! I will also be sending out a survey within the next couple of days as well to get an idea of how far everyone is with there modules!

You can send me your paragraphs by Friday on remind (OR) to my email:

If you have any questions please email me or message me on remind at anytime!

Have a great week guys!!

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