This photograph is a landscape picture . Its about nature and shows the beautiful landscape that has mountains and tress in the landscape. I like how beautiful the environment is.

This is a photograph of a portrait picture. It shows a time in a women and mans where they are showing commitment to be together for the rest of their lives. I like how the bridesmaids and grooms are in the picture with them , it shows how supportive they are to the bride and groom.

This could be a a documentary picture . Its a event that was captured to show a special time they had, like them surfing together. I like how its shows the people surfing and the waves.

This is a street picture. It shows a persons everyday life and shows how someones daily day goes. I like how there is more than one person in the picture and it shows culture and how they live.

This is a commercial photo . It shows a product trying to be sold (cheerios). I like how they put a baby in the commercial picture to make the picture more “sellable”

This picture is a surreal photo . It shows a fantastical story that happens to have elephant and a girl in the picture. I like the elephant in the picture.