Street: Lewis Hamilton battling Max Verstappen for P1 on the streets of Monaco This is a example of Street photography because it was taken on the streets of Monaco I like this photo because i like the Mercedes and RedBull F1 teams and Monaco is one of my favorite race tracks
 Documentary: Sebastian Vettel absolutely defeated after losing the win after getting a 5 second penalty This photo is a documentary because it tells a story right after a defeating loss and shows emotion
Portrait: This is a portrait of Charles Leclerc he is on the phone on the F1 Paddock This is a Portrait because it shows he’s apart of the Ferrari Formula 1 Team and its a picture of him I like this photograph because I like F1
Commercial: This is a American Airlines Boeing 737-800 Painted in the AA Heritage Livery Its a commercial photograph because its a company/brand and can be used for advertising I like this photo because i took it ­čśë
Landscape: This is a picture of a mountain with a field and a lake in front of it This is a landscape photo because it shows nature and a landscape I like this photo because the mountains look cool
Surreal: This is a statue of a soldier (i think) Its surreal because it looks magical and is not real I like it because its a good artsy photo

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