Rule of Thirds and Balance 1


Reflection questions:

  1. I prefer either direct lighting because of how it shows contrast and makes the pictures stand out.
  2. I think my favorite of the photos I took is the picture of Pilar with the sky behind her or the picture of the 3 of them laying on each other because of the contrast with the sky and her hair and the one of the 3 of them laying on each other i like because of the angle.
  3. My least favorite picture is the picture of the sunset because I feel like I wanted to take a less basic photo of a sunset and I wish I would have made a more creative angle.

Grade for myself:

  1. A:20 because i put extra photos that followed requirements
  2. Q:16 because I edited all my photos in light room and photoshop
  3. C:20 have not learned composition
  4. CC:20 because I went outside of class to take photos and put alot of effort into it

Quality of Light