Composition III


AI: 16/20 because I posted the correct amount of photos

QT: 20/20 because i carefully edited all of them

CD: 20/20 because i used 2 compositional guidelines for each photo

CC: 20/20 because i feel i understood the assignment and used my knowledge for the project

reflection questions

  1. i think the compositional guideline i understand most is either rule of thirds or simplicity because i feel like those are the most basic ones to know that make a photo look good
  2. probably leading line because it has to be a specific situation to use
  3. i want to do more portraits because thats my favorite type

Assignment 5


  1. I think the hardest part of this assignment is that some of my photos came out blurry when it thought they had come out clear
  2. To control the DOF you change the place where you want your focus is from the background, so if you want the background blurred then you have to move the focus away from the background then focus on whatever you are trying to take a picture.
  3. My favorite picture i took was the one of kestrel with the plain dark background because of the lighting on her face.
  4. I loved taking portraits, i think it is one of my favorite things we did so far.

3: Shutter speed


A: 16 because i submitted the correct amount of photos following the rules

Q: 20 because i edited all my photos with photoshop and lightroom alot

C: 20 because i used 2 forms of composition

CC: 20 because i used time outside of class and showed understanding of the project

  1. i liked using tv mode and feel comfortable with using it.
  2. The slower the shutter speed the more motion shows and the higher the shutter speed the less motion shows.
  3. My favorite photo is the one of kestrel spinning because it captured the motion but was a clear photo
  4. I think my photo of panning could improve because she was still the slightest bit blurry.


Activity 3

Rule of Thirds/ Balance

A: 16 because i got the required amount of photographs that followed the assignment

Q: 16 because I editied all my photos with alot of thought

C: 16 because i used at least one compositional value in each of my photos

CC: 20 because i feel like I understood the assignment and showed it in my photos

2. One tool i used was the contrast/brightness, I used this for making the different colors pop more.

3. I don’t feel exactly like the koala but i was frustrated with a couple of my photos