Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter Speed:

The photographer chose slow shutter speed. You can tell because the water is going so fast that it looks very misty. I think the shutter speed would be 1/15th of a second because anything 1/60th or lower creates these types of images. I believe that they did use a tripod because it would’ve been very difficult to photograph this picture if they didn’t stay completely still.


Fast Shutter Speed:

This is an example of Fast Shutter Speed because the photographer used a shutter speed of 1/125 or higher to capture the bird in the midst of taking off. There is also bright light which is needed for fast shutter speed. I think the speed was 1/125 of a second. Also this person did use a tripod to capture this image perfectly.


Light Writing:

This is an example of light writing because the photographer took a picture of someone with another person shining a light behind the model to create a design. The shutter speed is maybe 1/5th of a second to capture the actual design of the shining light. This photographer definitely used a tripod.



This picture is an example of panning because they used a shutter speed at maybe 2/60th and the photographer followed the dog running while taking a picture so that the dog shows up, but everything behind him looks like a blur.

Rule of Thirds & Balance Examples

Rule Of Thirds:

These photographs are an example of rule of thirds because the main object in the pictures are i a certain corner. In these pictures specifically, the main objects (the plant and iceberg) are on the bottom right side of the picture. The 2 images are both diffused lighting, because there aren’t any very harsh shadows and you can view the detailing.


Symmetrical Balance:

 These photographs are a perfect example of symmetrical balance because the spacing in the picture is equal and the pictures are perfectly reflected as if looking into a mirror. The tennis court and the lady doing the yoga pose reflect symmetrical balance greatly. The lighting in both these images are diffused lighting as well. They look as if they were taken on a nice cloudy day to soften the harsh shadows.


Asymmetrical Balance:

These images are an example of asymmetrical balance because there are 2 different subjects that still balance each other out in the images. The 2 pictures are direct lighting because in the first photo, it seems as if the sun is beating down on the girl, you can’t really notice harsh or dense shadows, but you can sort of tell the shadow in her dress. The second photo is also direct lighting because the sun is directly in front of the camera.

Rule Of Thirds & Balance


  1. The “Be Kind” photograph is an example of Symmetrical Balance because the object is in the middle of the photo and is perfectly reflected; The lighting of the picture is direct lighting because the sun is directly in front of the object casting dense shadows. The picture with the palm tree and badger statue is an example of Asymmetrical Balance because the palm tree and statue are balancing each other out even though they’re both different objects; This lighting is also direct because the sun was at an angle in front of the subject casting harsh shadows as well. Lastly, the theatre photograph is an example of Rule Of Thirds because the main object is at a corner of the picture, in this case the sign is the object ad is located at the top left; An example of defused lighting because the shadows are very subtle and soft.
  2. The 2 main editing tools I used would have to be exposure and the crop tool so that the lighting is the way I want it to be and so that the pictures are strait and cropped perfectly.
  3. This time around I did not look like the koala bear because I was here the whole week so I was able to have time to take some pictures and have time to edit them to look good and appealing to the eye.

Self Grading:

I believe that I deserve an 16/20 because even though i submitted a little more than the expected number of pictures, I’m still learning how to edit and how to create my own style. And it looks like I’m taking the safe road. I just need to practice a little bit more to achieve a 20 out of 20.


Reflection Questions: 

  1. My favorite lighting is diffused lighting because i don’t like very dense shadows and i enjoy looking at softer pictures, it pleases my aesthetic and it’s very appealing to my eyes.
  2. The photographs i am happy with are the full body silhouette of my friend and the yellow flowers. I think i did a very good job with them.
  3. I am least happy with the 100 photo, i feel like i could’ve straitened it out more and made it more appealing to the eye.

Self Grade:

I felt like i got a 12/20 on this assignment because i wasn’t here when people went out to take pictures because i wasn’t feeling good so i had to quickly take pictures and quickly edit them so i didn’t get much done as i would’ve liked.

Quality Of Light


These 2 photographs are a perfect representation of a silhouette image because the light behind the models is brighter than the light in front of them, thus creating an outline.

Direct Light:

The 2 photographs represent direct light. The sun is directly i front of them creating hard and defined shadow

Diffused Light:

 Lastly, these photographs are a great representation of diffused light. In the first image, the sun seems to be blocked by clouds, and in the second image the lighting seems so be softer, thus creating softer and less defined shadows, and even no shadows at all.

Genres Of Photography


  1. This Photograph is about a sleeping girl floating into mid air. It is as if her body is being taken into a dream, not just her mind. Her body and the tilt of the background make it look as if she’s floating away from reality as she sleeps.
  2. This is an example of a surreal photograph because it is the exact definition of “dreamlike”. The way that the photographer photoshopped her makes it look like she is in an actual dream.
  3. This image is appealing to me is that the way she’s up in id air as if there’s no gravity and her sheets flying along with her, it’s a very specific showing if someone asked “what do dreams look like?”.


  1. This is a photograph about a big open field with 3 trees. It doesn’t seem like a very extravagant picture, but the angle of the sun gives the field a golden hue which makes it a comfortable nature look to it. It shows that you don’t need excessive photoshop to make a picture look nice.
  2. The picture falls under Landscape because it is a picture of nature. The trees, grass, sky, and even the fence in the background is all art of the universe.
  3. This is an appealing image because the lush grass, the colored trees, and even the golden hue of the sunlight gives it a relaxing, safe, home feeling. This is my definition of comfort, laying in a green field with the sunlight glowing on my skin.


  1. The photograph shows a red headed girl posing with her dog in an autumn like forest. The photographer did a really amazing job describing the bond between a human girl and her dog. The way the dog is pictured almost seems wolflike, the way it’s staring in the distance.
  2. The picture is a portrait. Because the photographer most likely told the girl to pose a certain way, and to hold her dog a certain way. It couldn’t be commercial because she’s not selling a product, she’s just modeling for fun.
  3. I love how her hair with the darkness o her sweater and the brown forest behind her looks, the photographer probably brightened her hair up a little bit, but it looks strong almost like fire burning on her head. Also, her dog is so pretty i love the color of it’s fur.


  1. This picture shows a little girl as the bride and the dog as the groom. Its a perfect representation of the photographer saying the bride is a beautiful young woman and the groom is a dog. I believe that it’s basically a play on words.
  2. A commercial photographer takes pictures for other people and they get paid for it. This picture is taken by Ryan Brenizer. He is a commercial photographer that mostly takes wedding pictures.
  3. I enjoy how the setting isn’t somewhere extravagant, it looks like it was taken in a living room. I also enjoy that it’s not in color. The black and white filter gives it a vintage look to it and i love vintage things.


  1. Japan is a very busy place, and very expensive. The photographer represented this in her picture by walking around Japan and taking candid photos at night where the neon lights shine through the wet rain and where the people are always in a hurry to be someplace.
  2. Street pictures are taken to show how people live a modern life. Everything is from a realistic perspective there aren’t any poses or anything fictional. The people in the pictures don’t even realize they’re in a picture. The photographer just walks around and photographs anything they find interesting and appealing to them.
  3. I love Japan, Its one of the places I would love to visit in my lifetime, and I personally feel like the photographer put me in the picture. It feels like I am there along with these other people in the rain looking at the colorful lights in the night.


  1. This photograph shows the awful truth about mother nature and the greatness of photography. The poor woman’s house is basically cut in half. You can tell the woman is very sorrowful by the way she is slouched over the pile of rubble she is sitting on.
  2. It is a Documentary photo because it shows the truth whether it is happiness, heartbreak, anger, etc…. This pictre is deffinetly heartbreaking
  3. I enjoy this picture because it made me feel emotions. I felt sadness and heartbroken because I could never imagine losing my home form natural destruction. It’s cool to see how different pictures make you feel different emotions.


Hello, my name is Brianna Escarcega 

The only photography I do is on my phone. I had CMT last year, but we didn’t work with a camera. It was more graphic design.

I did photoshop last year with Mr. Callahan for CMT.

I think taking portraits is so much fun, especially when you’re with a group of friends and you have a photoshoot.

An interesting thing about me is that I know how to play the violin.