gallery visit

My favorite photo was by Chezi McDaniel. It is of a girl spinning around and her hair flipping around behind her. I like how the pattern of the clouds mirrors the pattern on her shirt. I like the direct light used because it creates really nice crisp line shadows and accentuates the lockers and fence. I love the line on light running down the girls body and how it transitions up to the clouds. It feels so candid like her friend just wanted to stop and dance around because I know me and my friends do that.

Inspiration post

For my photographer I choose Imogen Cunningham. I chose her because I found her aesthetic to be very intimate, delicate and soft. She likes to play with texture and shapes but has photographed a variety of subjects from people to plants. Though you don’t like photos of flowers, the way she presents the photos is sleek, modern, and striking.

-I will use black and white, a soft, intimate focus and use textures.