Portrait: 1)this photo is a picture of an older man smoking a cigarette. He looks like he’s maybe homeless or just got out of work. 2) this photo is a portrait because it shows what goes on in this mans daily life, how he lives. 3) This picture is kinda creepy to me if I’m being honest I don’t know why it made me choose it its just an interesting picture. 



documentary: 1)This photo is of an old lady answering her very old house phone in her out dated kitchen and its in the morning.2)This photo is a documentary photo because its recording a very boring or very important memorable phone call of her life. 3)  What was appealing to me about this picture is this lady’s bananas.

Landscape: 1)This photo is a picture of a river with waterfall and i think its a sunrise 2)this is a picture of landscape because its a picture of nature. 3)  I thought the waterfall and the sunrise caught my attention the most but I really like it all.

commercial: 1) this a photo of a bunch of “hot” girls in bikinis in between a bunch of polls. 2) this is a commercial photo bunch they are clearly trying to sell the bikinis. 3)  what I found appealing is how it is all like cool colors and then they have that little parts of warm colors on the bikinis.

street: 1) this photo is taken in I’m guessing maybe Italy a person taking a nice walk downtown. 2)this is a picture of street because its in the street and no one is paying attention to him. 3)what’s appealing to me about this photo is the angle they took it from its like you’re seeing it from your eyes as if you were there 




surreal: 1.this is a photo of some city being under attack and the giant rare turtle is taking advantage of this moment to move out while everyone is busy not noticing. 2. it falls in surreal because it clearly something like that hasn’t actually happen 3.the giant turtle brought me to pick this photo


my name is Alexis and well you can call me Alexis. The only camera I currently own is my phone camera. I never use photoshop besides a color filter on some of my pictures. I usually find the pictures that inspire me. on instagram. Im a pretty boring person if I’m being quite honest but I love to take pictures on my phone and I’m excited to learn how to take some and edit them on an actual camera.