Screen Printing Using Two Colors

First I wanted to incorporate the Sabino Saber cat so I found a set of paw-prints. Then I looked up purple and gold color scheme and chose the ones that most resembled Sabino’s school colors. Then I downloaded a solid font so when it was power washed it wouldn’t rinse off. Next, I got your approval and then made the paw-prints black. Finally I screen shotted both and posted it on my website and turned it in on edmodo.

Pets Rock

First, I went on google and looked up celebrities and I saw Ariana Grande and thought she was perfect. so then seeing as Ariana is very cutesy, I wanted to chose a cute animal. I was going to do a meerkat but the outfit didn’t look right and it wasn’t a good fit. So I looked up baby animals because every knows baby anything is cute! I settled on a bear. Then i took a picture of Ariana and cropped it to just the dress and ponytail and put it on the bear. Then i added a microphone and some eye makeup.

Valentines Card

First, I looked up a Valentine’s Day Card. Then, I remade the card to my liking. I used clipart of a dog stuck in a donut and downloaded a new font. Then I made the inside by taking sprinkles background from the internet. Then I wrote Happy Valentine day!

Sports Memorbilia

Fist I chose a sport that I liked which was gymnastics. Then I made a logo from some clipart I found from google. Next, I put that logo on a gym bag, a water bottle. and a leotard. But I changed the logo color because it didn’t stand out on the memorabilia.

El Tour De Tucson

First i looked up El Tour De Tucson Photos. I wanted to choose one that had the mountains in the background to showcase what you”ll see on your bike ride. Then I downloaded a font called Desert Road from and added the necessary words.


First I wanted to take the saber cat logo and shapes background from Yearbook avenue. Then I made a box added the needed words. After that i took some terms from the 80s and threw them in there. Then I made everything white because I made them black at first.

Quickfire #1 Honey Bee Trail

First I looked up a bee from google and I found a super cute one but it was a mad bee. So I traced it and made it a happy bee. Then I used the custom shape tool to create the grey flower you see. Then I used Big Noodle Titling font to add the words ” Honey Bee Trail “.

Photoshop Tutorial

First, I chose an experienced Photoshop tutorial. Next, I wanted to chose a photo that I could focus on one thing. Then, I turned the background of the photo (making sure it was black.) black and white but I made the contrast stronger. I then saved it as Lotus flower Bomb Final.

Link to The color and tone adjustment tutorial.

Fantasy Island Tshirt

The first thing I did was look up what color best blocks uv rays because Fantasy Island is a cycling path. And if I was a biker I would want to stay as cool as possible. I then outline the sunrise/sunset because that is something that Tucson is really well known for and on that path you can see the sunrise/sunset very well. I then chose a kinda textured brush and matching font.